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1. Read and view the pre-call information.

If you've not yet had a chance to view the certifications information page on our website, and watch the free info session videos, please do that first.

You’ll meet Myra and key team members, discover the essential skills you’ll gain, understand what makes our trainings powerful and unique, and get an overview of the two certifications we offer. You can also download the detailed syllabus for each of our trainings. This is valuable for you, and essential for a productive call.

2. Select a time for your call.

Below this section outlining the 4 steps, select a time for your call.

Just a heads up, our calendar uses a 12-hour clock format with am and pm hours.

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Your responses to these questions indicate to us whether you're sincere about meeting with us, and they help us better serve you.

We will not apply any pressure in the call, we're simply committed to supporting you to reach clarity about your options.

4. Add Your call to your calendar, see you there.

Together we'll explore the possibilities of your bright future with Ayurveda. When you've booked your call, important information will be emailed to you. Please do check your emails from Hale Pule <> and from Myra <>.

We're looking forward to meeting you soon,

Team Hale Pule

If you’ve completed Step 1, then proceed to scheduling your call below.
"After trying two other Ayurveda schools I can say that Myra really offers the most wonderful, traditional, and more direct knowledge and understanding."
"I offer workshops at my Yoga studio and have been working 1:1 with clients since the beginning of this year. It truly was the case study capstone that made me feel prepared to do so. I used the momentum of the program to begin and I haven't looked back." 


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